By Dr. Heff

Why Minimum Intervention Dentistry Eases Dental Phobia

Minimum Intervention Dentistry, known as MI dentistry, is a holistic approach to oral healthcare and can ease dental phobia.

It’s a philosophy of dentistry that recognizes the team effort necessary to facilitate the best outcome for the patient. Interestingly, the patient’s physical and mental health is an integral part of team forethought. The patients’ dietary behaviors, lifestyle, and needs are the primary considerations of an MI long-term oral care plan. So, what is it exactly?

Minimum Intervention Dentistry is cross-examination and communicative analysis between the dentist, specialist, hygienist, and management team where preventative care is paramount.

Prevention and non-invasive techniques through remineralization and dental sealants are key to MI dentistry.

Why is this important?

Well, one apparent reason is the early detection of cancers and cavities. However, another reason is easing dental phobia. A recent article in Statistic Stats, Dentophobia Statistics of Dentist Fear and Anxiety, said:

“Studies have demonstrated that dental fear is genuine and is a phenomenon experienced by greater than 75% of the adult population to some degree or another. Of those, 5-10% experience fear so profound, and it’s classified as “dental phobia,” which is much more serious than generalized fear. As a result, their health suffers, as this phobia causes them to avoid seeing a dentist for any reason.”

The article says 90% of dental anxiety is associated with pain caused by invasive dentistry.

And, pain creates a lack of trust where patients are afraid to return to the dentist. So, the need for invasive dentistry should not arrive from a lack of preventative care. Because it is vital for oral health that the dental industry re-establish a universal trust. Incidentally, the best way to establish trust is through non-invasive dentistry and holistic oral healthcare. So, through MI dentistry, we can improve the whole health of our patients. And, through preventive measures, we can help prevent the lifelong trauma of cancer and repeated cavity treatment.

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